It doesn’t have to be difficult being green.

Meeting the challenges of the sustainability agenda has never been more important and we work with our clients to ensure that their projects comply with legislation, providing solutions that are cost effective and help the environment at the same time. This generally requires bringing together a broad range of environmental, ecological and sustainability knowledge (wrong word) as part of a holistic project delivery.

Within the contaminated land sector, the concept of a Turn Key solution is well recognised with companies able to provide site investigation, interpretation, remediation design, remediation delivery and validation. Oliver Smith, EcoVigour Operations Director, believes that this principal can be translated into the environmental/ecological sector with a single company delivering all the environmental/ecological requirements associated with works packages to deliver a site ready for works to commence.

This approach requires a solid foundation of partnering to ensure the interests of all parties are fulfilled in the most sustainable way possible.

Project preparation generally entails ecological survey, mitigation design, Protected Species Licensing , delivery of mitigation, sensitive site clearance, project environmental management, monitoring and reporting. EcoVigour has developed its range of services to be able to deliver all these functions in support of clients project preparations.

This gives one point of contact, simplifies procurement and means that when controlling project programmes and budgets, there is only one entity to deal with.

This does not necessarily exclude the smaller providers as EcoVigour delivers some services using approved partners. This works particularly well for services such as ecology where multiple short duration site visits are required i.e. reptile / amphibian translocations. This system allows us to match suppliers on a competency and geographical suitability basis.